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Scott Drum

June 24, 2018 Ty Hitzeman Season 1 Episode 5
Campfire: Compass Calendar
Scott Drum
Show Notes

Scott discusses his 83-mile ultramarathon, free climbing, and what life lesson he learned from Megadeth.

Many runners aim to complete a 10k, half-marathon, or maybe even a marathon Others have the goal of to complete a triathlon, even an Ironman. For Scott Drum, a two-time state champion and collegiate runner, the ultimate goal was to do something that nobody had ever accomplished (or even tried before): consecutively run Michigan’s National Lakeshore trail and then the Isle Royale National Park trail, covering a total of 83.5 miles or 134.4 kilometers. Scott Drum completed this feat in just over 24 hours, including the time he spent in a float plane flying from one park to the other.

Starting this fall, Scott will start his next big challenge: running 25 "classic" mountain adventure trails across North America and then using the data gathered by his wearable technology to write an evidenced-based book about his experience.

When he’s not on a mountain or in a pair of running shoes, Scott acts as an Associate Professor of Exercise Science at Northern Michigan University.

00:00 - Intro | 01:54 - Characteristics that mark a successful ulta-runner | 04:03 - What makes an ultrarunner durable | 06:04 - The optimal diet for ultramarathon runners before the event | 08:16 - Optimal diet for ultramarathon runners during the event | 11:12 - Scott explains his recent study on the impact of in-class exercise on academic performance | 13:19 - Scott explains his preparation and logistics for his [80+] mile run | 20:03 - How Scott would have prepared differently for his run | 22:10 - Scott explains what it’s like to run at night | 23:36 - Why Scott prefers to not listen to music when he runs | 24:22 - Why Scott is drawn to Mount Rainier and Long’s Peak | 28:01 - Why Scott climbed Long’s Peak without ropes for 5,000 feet | 32:09 - Scott explains his other climbing experiences | 34:31 - The connection between exercise, nature, and relationships in Scott’s life | 37:16 - Scott talks about a personal failure | 40:36 - The lesson Scott learned from this failure | 42:29 - Scott’s relationship with his twin brother, Greg, and his wife, Liz | 49:07 - What Scott would do if he couldn’t exercise | 51:46 - A surprising fact about Scott | 52:27 - Scott’s favorite movie | 53:39 - A message that resonates with Scott | 55: 37 - A few of the kindest things that people have done for Scott

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