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June 07, 2021 Matej Zak Season 2 Episode 9
Campfire: Compass Calendar
Show Notes

Trezor creates cryptocurrency hardware wallets. Guest Matej Zak is the Head of Product.

THEME: Crypto Field Guide

Participating in the cryptocurrency landscape is still inaccessible for many. Trezor helps newcomers get involved by acting as their de facto guide. Instead of simply delivering a hardware wallet (which helps crypo holders secure their assets), Trezor does all it can to help the crypto ecosystem thrive. For example, they:

  • open-source their code to promote confidence
  • share security and practical tips on their blog
  • offer investment advice (spoiler: it's BitCoin)
  • collaborate with other crypto players, like Invity and CoinJoin

This holistic approach demonstrates why Trezor has earned its reputation as a trustworthy leader in the cryptocurrency world.

"Our role in this process is to lead the way, show you all the options, make sure you're safe and have privacy. And we want you to enjoy it because it's usable and the interface isn't a pain in the ass."

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